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Treatments for new vitality

Adria SPA & Beauty treatments

Most people are always under pressure and on the go in their lives and jobs. Moments when we can finally relax are so rare and so precious. Yet, they are immensely important in order to find inner peace and new life spirit. Spoil yourself to a special pampering programme during your time off: in the Adria SPA you can take all the breaks that you have missed out on during everyday life.

Below you'll find an overview of all the treatments in the Adria SPA. Our attentive and excellently trained team will await you with a large selection of different treatments. Look forward to agreeable massages, relaxing packages, treatments for face and body, and beauty services that simply have to be enjoyed now and again. For the treatments in the Adria SPA we exclusively trust renowned and high-quality products by Maria Galland and Piroche Cosmetiques.

South Tyrolean Honey Massage

Honey massage is a very effective deep tissue massage and has its roots in Russia and Tibet. The special massage technique with the sticky mass stimulates mainly the metabolism and helps in the purification of tissue. for a silky and smooth skin, perfusing for scar tissue.

Legs and back ca. 40 Min. Euro 70,00
Knees and ankles ca. 20 MIn. Euro 42,00

from 42 €
Soin Masque Modellant

Long-proven treatment based on a deep-acting, self-warming mineral mask. It not only offers a spectacular lifting effect but treats the highly diverse problems of each individual area of the skin.

ca. 80 minutes

from 135 €
Fully body massage

Deep tissue massage to work on tension, on your muscular system and also to reduce stress.  

ca. 45 minutes

from 76 €
Soin Thalasso Visage

Ideal for anyone who wants to stock up on pure well-being: THALASSO FACIAL CARE. An active ingredient ampoule specially tailored to your skin type is applied to cleansed skin and can work to full effect under the cooling THALASSO MASK. At the same time, the effective algae mask cleanses the skin deep down and ensure highly concentrated, long-lasting hydration. Micro algae boost the metabolism and repair stressed skin.

ca. 80 minutes

from 125 €
Classic facial cleansing

Deep face cleansing, peeling, eyebrow styling, tightening ampoules, facial massage, moisturing mask and a care day cream.

50 minutes Euro 85,00
80 minutes Euro 122,00

from 122 €
Facial treatment for him

Individually matched facial treatment with cleansing, peeling, relaxing face massage, mask and nurturing lotion.

ca. 50 minutes

from 80 €
For real connoisseurs

1 facial treatment 
1 fully body massage with arnica oil
1 manicure
1 arnica softpack bath

(recommended minimum stay 2 nights)


from 265 €
Massage with selected essential oils

Classic full body massage with selected ethereal oils. On request with relaxing, vitalizing, tightening effect.

45 minutes

from 82 €
Classic partial massage

Back or legs
Deep tissue massage to work on tension, on your muscular system and also to reduce stress.
25 minutes

from 45 €
Lymph draining massage

Therapists work with the palms of the hands, using all the fingers to simulate gentle, specific wave-like movements. These subtle manual manoeuvres activate lymph and interstitial fluid circulation as well as stimulating the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. 

from 83 €
Foot pressure massage

Foot pressure massage is the application of pressure, stretch and movement on feet and hands to activate the connection to the corresponding part of the body. By applying these techniques a massage  therapist can alleviate patterns of stress. 

from 82 €
Bioenergetic back treatment

Pure relaxation for muscles and skin tissue. Essential oils help ease tense muscles while a warming seaweed pack gives you a lasting sense of wellbeing.
50 Minutes

from 78 €
Herbal pistil massage with mountain herbs

The stamps are heated up and emit a refreshing and at the same time relaxing scent. The agreeable humid heat of the stamps, causes a soft removal of dead skin parts so that skin cells get regenerated. 
50 Minutes

from 86 €
Abhyanga - Ayurvedic full body massage

This full body massage is especially suitable for stress and inner imbalance. Performed with warm herbal oils, it combines several techniques that serve to deeply relax and revitalize the body.
50 Minutes € 82,00
80 Minutes € 147,00


from 82 €
Body scrub with sea salt and massage

The skin is pampered with fine micro-particles and an energising cream. Dead skin
cells are removed with a gentle massage. Hence, the skin can take up all active agents
and feels much softer. Sea salt peeling for a double effect: it has a strong peeling and
draining effect. While the salt grains have an abrasive effect on the skin
surface, the osmotic effect of salt contributes to efficient deep cleansing.
50 Minutes

from 82 €
Body packs - softpack bath

Softpack bath applications are among the most comfortable wellness applications. the soft pack couch encapsulates you comfortably, with water at body temperature and you will feel as though you are floating. At a temperature of roughly 37°C you will experience complete relaxation of your muscles and suppots system. 


Algae | stimulating the blood flow and encourages the  metabolism  

Evening primerose oil | for dry skin, susceptible for neurodermatitis, soothing and regenerating 

Arnica | refreshing and exhilarating, highly recommended after physical activity

Swiss Stone Pine | rheumatic complaints and muscle pains

Grape pomace | circulation-stimulating and revitalizing

25 minutes 

from 57 €
Hot Stone massage

The Hot Stone massage is a unique and very effective method. This is a full-body massage with warm aroma oil and lava stones which achieves deep relaxation of the muscles. 50 minutes

from 90 €
The strenght of a Swiss Stone pine

1 massage with Swiss Stone pine oil
1 pedicure
1 Swiss Stone pine softpack bath with a final glass of Swiss Stone Pine liqueur

from 195 €
Eye-lash dyeing

For a perfect look

from 18 €
Eye-brow dyeing

For a perfect look

from 15 €
Eye-brow correction

For a perfect look

from 18 €

12 minutes

from 15 €

Soft hair removal with honey wax

Partial leg | € 32
Complete leg | € 60
Complete leg and groin area | € 95
Groin area | € 40
Armpit | € 20
Armpit and groin area | € 60
Partial leg, groin area | € 76
Partial leg, groin area and armpit | € 96
Upper lip | € 14
Back/chest | € 60

from 50 €

with short hand massage € 58


from 58 €

with short foot massage | € 66,00

with nail polish | € 73

from 66 €
Perfect feet

foot peeling, pedicure, foot massage, nail polish. 75 minutes

from 93 €
Special care for perfect hands

Hand peeling, manicure, hand pack, hand massage, nail polish. 70 minutes

from 82 €
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