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T: +39 0473 236610
T: +39 0473 236610
Reliable, competent and experienced

The team at the Medical Hotel Merano

Christine Pföstl, Dr. med. Elisabeth Gartner and Dr. Florian Ellmenreich: these are the members of our expert team at the Medical Hotel Merano, namely Hotel Adria. We are pleased to tell you more about our experts who will care for you during your health vacation in Merano.

Dr. Christine Pföstl is a nutritional therapist and has successfully completed specialist medical training in nutritional therapy.

Dr. med. Elisabeth Garnter is specialised in physical medicine and rehabilitation, osteopathy, acupuncture and homotoxology. She is known as an expert for pain treatments and the diagnosis of allergies and food intolerances.

Dr. Florian Ellmenreich is a wellness trainer and doctor of sports science at the Sports High School in Rome. He was sports instructor and trainer, is a member of different expert and examination commissions, he was Italian champion in rafting several times, and participated at several World Championships as well as supervisor of master athletes in track and field sports.

You can book our packages comfortably from home prior to arrival. For appointments onsite please ask at the SPA reception of our Medical Hotel Adria in Merano.

We offer:

  • Nutritional advice with food intolerance test, fasting and detoxification diets
  • Pain treatments
  • Allergy and food tolerance tests
  • Osteopathic treatments
  • Physiotherapy
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