Body treatments

Softpack bath

The Softpack bath is a modern option to the traditional water basin. You lie weightless on a lounger, wrapped in a thin foil with the selected pack. Through the water pressure and the warmth the foil clings to the body and the agents can be absorbed from the skin.
  • Fango Pack - against muscular tensions, backache and joint pain
  • Algea Pack - stimulating the blood flow and encourages the metabolism
  • Evening primerose oil Pack - for dry skin, susceptible for neurodermatitis, soothing and regenerating
  • Cleopatra Pack - combination of oil, creme and milk, pore refining, cell renewing
  • Grape seed Pack - circulation boosting, revitalizing
  • Mountain Arnica Pack - refreshing and exhilarating, highly recommended after physical activity
  • Swiss stone pine Pack - against rheumatic and muscle pain, helps to regenerate the body
  • Whey Pack - purging, straights the tissue
30 min. - 50 €

South Tyrolean Hay Bath

Against rheumatism, stimulate blood circulation, erase stress and release all kinds of tensions.
40 min. - 55 €

Body peeling with sea salt

The peeling removes dead skin cells with slow movements. This treatment has a dual effect: the salt grains make the skin delicate and it has also a draining effect.
40 min. - 50 €


Pressotherapy is an exclusive detoxifying treatment, which through effective lymphatic drainage, helps to promote the body‘s natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone.
30 min. - 50 €

Infrasnella body treatment

An effective treatment against flaccid skin: a gently electric stimulationuna and infrared light achieves an immediate lifting effect, stimulates the reduction of padding, models the silhouette and gives the skin a new elasticity.
40 min. - 60 €

Soin Silhouette Sculptant - Maria Galland

is the ultimate professional programme against cellulite and is ideal, for example, as a course of treatment before the beach season. The treatment differentiates
between three different stages of cellulite - light, intermediate and advanced - and systematically targets the quite different needs in each of the stages. The effective use of a peeling, a concentrate of active ingredients and an algae mask with a highly concentrated serum and a intensive firming body cream ensures harmonious, refined and firmer body contours. The spectacular toning effect can be lastingly prolonged
by subsequent treatment at home.
60 min. - 65 €

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Honeymoon at the Hotel Adria

Your unforgettable honeymoon

Bike Hotel Adria

We offer lots of standard services for mountain-bikers and tour bike guests

Anniversary weeks

Celebrate with us 3 x 100 years!
633 €

Single weeks

Time for yourself – On holiday with myself.
665 €

Summer weeks - Best Price

Fresh air, warming sun's rays and cosy summer evenings. Enjoy this pleasant period with our package.
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Fruit harvest time in Merano

The fruit harvest in Merano: a spectacle to your eyes, delicacy to the palate!
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Autumn in the garden & Wellness

Be enchanted by the gardens of CastleTrauttmansdorff and get spoiled at the Hotel Adria.
536 €

Yoga for healing

Re-awaken your inner beauty and discover the beauty of life with the yoga teacher Irene Bergamaschi. A week of inner silence and balance - Namsté!
658 €

November Happiness

Every season bears its own beauty: November too!
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2 nights

Short Stay - 2 days to enjoy
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Short Stay - 3 days to enjoy
Ideal for friends, mother/daughter, him/her...chatting, laughing, memories, loyalty, being together, intimacy.
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